Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some New Year's Eve Thoughts

Folks, we have some amazing interviews coming up. We have a young man who has weathered the storm. We have a young lady who has been through the ringer and has persevered. Amazing stories to read, simply amazing.

As we approach the New Year, ever so closely, let's be mindful that there are many people out there who are in need of some assistance from us. Not everyone will be celebrating the new year, some will have their lives turned up side down. Let's be on the look out for people who may be down and out and may need a helping hand. So, as we celebrate, take an extra moment out of your time to reach out.

Also, be very careful. Carry little cash as possible and be very safe. Safety is the number one key. The holidays can be deceiving. While everyone is having a good time, there are some who will prey on holiday goers. Do not be deceived.

Institute the buddy system. Have someone with you every step of the way during your celebration. Do not be caught up in the "hype" and get lost or find yourself in dangerous situations. Those of us who have been hurt traumatically and those who face difficult odds sometimes look for affection and love in many places. This is the time to be diligent about your safety. Rely on your family and friends to be there for you this holiday season.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very special Happy New Year. Thanks as always for reading.

Til next time...

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