Monday, December 8, 2008

Preparing for the Sleep Out at the Court House

More than anything, I am excited about the sleep out at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. This is a place where offenders are repeatedly brought to court only to be released by judges who under many circumstances miss the signs of brutal killers who will kill again. Roderick Ridley killed Tiffany after walking away from a half-way house. Ridley spent two months in jail and was released. After walking away he became a fugitive on the run from the law and that's when he struck. He killed Tiffany. He broke down her door and charged her.

Now, I wanna get a little in depth for you. The reason I want to go into a little detail because I would like to help you see the picture -- clear picture of what transpired or at least what we have been able to comprehend from reports. Ridley stabbed Tiffany over 50 times. He slit her throat from ear to ear and tried to rearrange her face. After he committed this atrocity. He then hid in a vacant basement flat/apartment. When he was confronted by officers, he tried to resist, but was tasered.

Today, at the court house, Ridley fought officers/marshals before being brought to the courtroom which delayed his case. He was not able to be brought to court. What is he hiding? What is he feeling? Why fight? What is done, is done. Tiffany is already dead. Can you believe that he is facing a 2nd degree murder charge? I mean, he could get out early or something. This is a scary thought. How many more people does he have to murder before he is evaluated, kept in prison, etc.? The system really needs an overhaul.

That's why I am totally proposing a federal/national registry to give women or any individual an option whether they want to get in a relationship with a violent offender or not. We have got to give choices to our society at-large. I know that this may be a problem for offenders getting jobs, etc., but there is a more serious problem. Families, friends and co-workers are loosing their loved ones at an alarming rate due to the violence. We must change this. Join me as I sleep out in Washington, D.C. Join me as I sleep out for the fallen victims of senseless violence.

My heart goes out to Melody Williams tonight who died in a hail of gunfire - an innocent bystander. God bless her family. My condolences. Let's really remember her tomorrow and those who have fallen to violence around the world. To those in Mumbai - my love and concern is with you tonight. Violence transcends borders. Our prayers are with you.

Talk to you soon.

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