Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mysterious Happenings

Well, I meant to write this morning, but as you can imagine, after the sleep out at the court house I was on with the day. It was so busy today, but something amazing happened.

I just received a call from someone I met a long time ago. Actually, over 12 years ago. You know, since being on Oprah and in the newspaper, on the television, and on the radio, people have come out of the woodworks. These people have known me, my mother, my family and bring back so many fond memories. But, this call was so interesting.

My family went through family therapy for some 15 or more years. We are still in contact with the doctors that administered the therapy. I will not reveal their names for privacy reasons. However, our sessions were filmed. The turbulent times were captured on camera and there were several camera men and women who captured the images in their head. I am sure we gave them a show. We were out of control as children and my grandmother put up with us and sometimes did not.

A woman called me and told me, "I know you are going to think this is crazy, but I know you." When a call starts out like that, you pause. Go on. I said with enthusiasm. I was really eager what she had to say. "I used to work at Walter Reed Hospital and I also saw you on Oprah." Well, immediately I knew the connection. We were taped at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She was one of the camerawomen. I hadn't spoken to them in 10 years. I was excited. She must have seen some interesting things. So, I asked her what did she see back then?

She said that she saw me one time out in the public so innebriated that I could not even function. I was about 18 years old. she said that I asked her not to reveal my condition to my grandmother. She never revealed it to my grandmother, but she said that she felt so guilty for not revealing it. She mentioned that I was on a downhill spiral and I was completely self-destructive and thought that that was the breaking point. I was simply floored. I just be here today and hear that account of me at 18 was simply amazing.

I had lived to hear that account, wow!

We vowed to stay in touch and believe me, there is much more to talk about. I will have to work on a release so that she can tell what she saw as I grew up on camera. My family was on camera since I was 14 - my early 20's. I even see one of the doctors right now periodically for therapy.

I will be adding her accounts to my first book. Be on the look out.

By the way, the sleep outs were a major success. We had support in England and Scotland and of course from everyone here in D.C. and throughout the United States. This movement has been so wonderful. I just keep thinking about all of the people that we are impacting in a positive way. We are going to get this registry going if it is the last thing I do on earth. We have lives to save.

I will talk to you soon. Until then, make sure that you keep your brother and sister safe. Take care.

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