Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today is One of Those Days

Today is definitely one of those days. I am up and eager to get things done, but cannot move to do them. Have you ever felt that way? Well, I feel that way today. I usually blog earlier, but today I got up and did some laundry, typed some emails and worked on a couple of documents. Knowing me, I can definitely do more. But, the day is still ahead of us. It is 1:42 p.m. and counting. At least in Los Angeles it is about 10:42. That makes me feel good.

Why is it that we feel this way sometimes? Why is it that we cannot motivate ourselves to get up and do the work we know we need to do? I canceled an appointment I had today as well. I have my reason, but that's neither here nor there. I still have to find out how to get motivated. So, here we go. Let's work on this. How do we get motivated?

1) This is definitely a start. Finding something that is easy to do to get started helps. For instance, I decided to start by blogging. This way, I can get all of the things that are clouding my head out and on paper (blog). This will give me a chance to clear my head and focus on other things that I have to do. Also, this is something that I have elected to do daily, consistently. That is one of the things about blogs. They have to be consistent if you are going to keep an audience. Keeping them short will also keep people reading. So, do something easy and that will start your day going and get your thoughts out on paper so that your head is clear.

2) Think of other priorities. List the priorities and get them done. We cannot afford to let precious time go by without conquering as much as we can. Get your list of things to do together and then tackle them one by one. Now, many people try to tackle a lot of tasks or at least list them on the same daily task list. That's a "no-no". Only list what you can accomplish today. Listing everything else will overwhelm you and will not give you a sense of satisfaction once you complete some things on the list. After completing your daily list, you will feel like you accomplished a lot. So, make a list of what you reasonably have to get done today and then list them by priorities.

3) Take a Nap! If you feel tired. Get some sleep. When I am tired, I just fall out. Why? We have to re-energise ourselves. We are more productive when we awaken. You will definitely feel the difference. For instance, it's about time for my nap right now. So, I will not be typing that much longer. So, close your eyes wherever you are and get some rest. Your body will thank you. Now, watch your belongings, secure what you have around you, especially in public. I have been known to sleep on the train station floor waiting for a train in another country.

I hope this blog helped you as much as it helped me. I am about to make my list right now. There just might be three things on there after writing this blog.

Don't forget about the candlelight vigil at Capitol Hill on Tuesday between 3 - 5 p.m. on the Front West Lawn of the Capitol across from the Supreme Court on First Street. Look for the peace signs.

Until next time.

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