Thursday, December 11, 2008

Offenders Families Are Really The Victims

This morning I found out that my family had to pay $25 this month for my brother who was convicted on 18 felony counts and is in prison. This $25 will be going to the victims assistance fund in the District of Columbia. Obviously, we will do anything in our power to help my brother, but doesn't the cycle go round and round?

You see, my brother only makes very little money per month. We send him funds every month and we also have to pay for his $25 to the victims assistance fund. Now, this is truly upsetting and is not suppose to be this way. It's like we are paying for his crime. Well, take a good look now because we will be paying for his crime for years to come. He was sentenced to 97 years in prison. I mean, the most ruthless killers have not received this much. Also, Tiffany's killer, Roderick Ridley is only charged with second-degree murder. Ridley killed Tiffany, my god-sister, in cold blood some three weeks ago as he was already on the run as a fugitive from a half-way house in Washington, D.C. Ridley stabbed Tiffany to death and probably has a chance to continue killing once he's out.

How do we end this cycle of violence and more importantly how do we as a community stop oppressing ourselves? I am in the community trying to stop violence and spread peace while at the same time my little brother has been convicted of commiting atrocities.

This is very difficult for our family to deal with, but we are definitely managing and channeling our energy to positive solutions.

So, pray and wish that our meeting with Chief Lanier and the Homicide Victims Task Force is successful. This is a great start to ensuring peace in our city, our country and our world.

I will update you and discuss further, what do we do?

Til next time.

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B. Cooley said...

The DC injustice system is terrible! They need to stop trying to put everyone in general categories and really go into the person's history & family etc. but that would be too much like right AND too much like WORK!