Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Successful Stand Out/Vigil for Victims -- Next Sleep Outs

The vigil at the US Capitol went well. Aside from all of the new construction work at the Capitol for the inauguration things went well. It was nice to be out there in the rain and standing for something. It was certainly my first time demonstrating on Capitol Hill. Now, there was a blooper. I do apologise for this. I reserved the West Lawn of the Capitol thinking it was directly across from the US Supreme Court. I was wrong. We were supposed to demonstrate near the Christmas Tree from Montana. So, my apologies again. I hope no body got lost.

There was a great discussion though, between a US Capitol police officer and those who came out. He gave his opinion on what he thought about the registry for violent offenders. He really believed in it and also thought that something has to be done about the violence. He mentioned that he has to deal with so many youth problems and violent offenders on his job. He said that the problem is prevalent in our community. It was also good to speak with him because we were building a relationship between all stakeholders in our community. I believe that we have to work closely with police officers or law enforcement. Remember, they are our family members too. Their safety is important as they protect us. Thanks officer!

Today's blog -- short. Obviously, a million things are happening and I am excited about today's line-up. I am meeting a couple of Executive Directors of not-for-profits who are doing excellent work in the community. Kudos to them. So, I am excited about meeting them. This will help me to prepare for my Foundation as well as continue to network. Remember, "network for networth" and also remember that "networth" is not just dollars/money.

The next vigil/stand out will be at the US Supreme Court and then the White House. Then, we are finished. I may be taking the message on the road. That means, Chicago and perhaps New York. I will definitely let you know. The Supreme Court will be on next Tuesday and the White House the following Tuesday. We will announce times/places by tomorrow. Hopefully, you will attend.

As always, thank you for reading. I have some inspiration for you later on today. It will be a part of the second half of this blog.

Til next time.

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