Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Few More Thoughts -- Death Surrounds Us But Resolve Helps Us Accomplish Goals

Two days ago, my third cousin, Tony, died playing Playstation 3. He was attending university in Durham, North Carolina. Now, as you know, we just had Tiffany's death just three weeks ago. I have been asked to sing at his funeral service as well. Of course, I am definitely up to it. But, anyone looking in on our family would question our resolve.

Last night, I was pretty sad and hurt about his death. He was 20 years old and had a future ahead of him. He was on the dean's list for three years. He was well on his way. We do not know the cause of his death, but it hurts nonetheless. It leaves me questioning my own actions, goals, and aspirations.

Now more than ever is the time to act. As you see, we are not promised today and definitely not promised tomorrow. We have to act now if we are to affect any part of this world. I am more diligent this morning and I have accomplished so much this morning in terms of preparing for today's meetings and future career choices.

However, before I say anything else, I must tell you that I am definitely grieving. I want to continue to grieve through my writing because I know I have to get it out. Losses are hard to deal with, but acknowledging the loss is a part of coping. I know.

Today, I want you to think. I want you to think about what your goals are. I want you to think about what you will do today that will get you one more step closer to your goal or goals. Let's buckle down together and get what we need done.

Remember, goals are SMART. Your goals should be S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-reasonable, and T-time framed. If you do not have these elements in achieving your goals then you will be tampering with success. Later, I will go in depth about the SMART goals because I think it is important to talk about them.

Thanks again for reading.

Let's talk soon.

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