Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time to Make That Vital Change in Life - You Can Do It!

Yesterday, I made good on my promise to finally work toward my goal of getting healthier as well as physically fit. My workout was an hour and boy was I under pressure.

I started off with a jog on the treadmill with my homeboy Brandon and my personal trainer, Jamar. I worked out with Jamar before and I know that he pushes me to the limit. That's good for me, but it does hurt.

We then went to some "core excercises", with crunches and running exercises, holding balls while doing squats. Of course, I do not give this regiment justice by names, but you know what I mean when I say that I was hurting at the end. But, it felt good.

After, we ate oatmeal. I ate it without sugar, butter and milk. It was pretty good, especially Grandma's oatmeal.

My diet has changed. I have cut out alcohol, fried foods, bread, meat and a host of other things. I am eating tofu, fruits and lots of water, among many other choices. I am told to follow Ian Smith's Smash Diet.

Folks, by July, I should look like I feel, great! If you are thinking about loosing weight, getting on track with your health, consult a professional. No need going at it alone. No need to figure this out yourself. Get others involved in your goals. It feels great to have support.

I feel much better today, physically. I know that has a lot to do with my mental state, but I still feel healthier already by the choice that I made to get healthier. I still have to jog today and of course I am on my way to meditation at the Art of Living Foundation.

Make a change and stick to it. Remember, it's that "-" between the time you were born until the time you expire on earth, that truly is the legacy that you leave. That "-" is riddled with either proaction or reaction. You have a choice.

Til next time...

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