Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fighting in Gaza - We Need A Peaceful Solution

I must offer some thoughts on the fighting in Gaza. As I see the fighting, continuous mortar and rocket fire, and the ground assault, I am concerned. The violence is absolutely unacceptable. We cannot continue to fight this way. How can we bring about a peace in the world through so much violence. There will be years of tension and rifts to come. This tension could possibly spur into more wars. The Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting for 40 years. There has to come a time when the fighting gets tiring and must end.

Since the security council of the United Nations will not issue a statement, as citizens of this country and world, we must denounce this violence and ask for a cease-fire from both sides. The MiddleEast conflict affects us all, whether we know it or not. Let's push our government to work hard for a resolution. Obviously, the answer will not come from within the two warring parties. The resolution will only come with all parties discussing and putting everything on the table, including the United States.

Let's pray for the citizens of both countries who are affected by the violence. It is a diar situation in that region. We must pray for a peaceful end. What are your thoughts?

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