Friday, January 9, 2009

Hope - Unseen, But Ever So Present

Good morning. We have some wonderful interviews coming up. They are simply inspiring. You will certainly learn from them and hopefully share them with others to inspire them. After all, what good is information not shared? Let's share the wealth of opportunity and information so that others may benefit.

Today is an odd day for me. I do not have much to say, but I am up early and trying to figure out the message. Then I thought. Things are really looking up for me. I am at a good point in life where I realise how grateful I am to be alive. A good friend of mine thanked me yesterday for something I did for her. I was ever so grateful.

I surely did not extend myself to get a thank you. I practiced giving without even thinking of receiving. The gratification I did recieve though, was ensuring that I did not see her hungry or her child hungry. Often, when someone commits an act of kindness, the person receiving may feel strange and quite dependent. In this case, she said she dropped her pride and accepted what I had to offer. I thought that was courageous for her. After she has been through so much in life, she still has the determination and hope to keep going. When she told me she was close to giving up, I was happy that she saw hope in sight, reached out, and grabbed hold of it.

Today's message is all about HOPE. Somehow, someway, we have to believe in something. We have to believe in ourselves. Hope is that which guides us to our success. Hope is that which guides us to our accomplished mission. When you think that all else has failed, reach deep inside of you. Find that very ounce of passion. Find that very ounce of strength and use it to dig yourself right out of pain, misery, sadness, despair and trouble. Try to see the positive in things.

Easier said than done, right? I have been in the bed for days, believe me. I have wanted to die before. I lived a self-destructive life. I know what it feels like to loose everything and have to find a way to survive. I often revert back to the day I lost my mom and brother. That day I lost hope and then gained it back again. Hope would continue to evade me throughout my teenage years, but I finally got on track. Well, it was some years later, but I did it. How?

I saw hope in mentors. I saw hope in friends. I saw hope in role models on television, in books, in movies. Expose yourself. You are bound to see the kind of hope you can use for yourself if you go beyond your normal and daily routine. For instance, I travel extensively. I travel outside the country. And, believe me. There is plenty out there to influence you positively.

Hope, the very essence of our survival. When we stop hoping, we stop breathing. Breath is what keeps us alive. So, every ounce of our breath should be used to build on our hope for the next breath.

Do something nice for someone today. Extend your heart out to someone else. Give someone a compliment. Whether they appreciate it or not is not up to you. The part that you have control over is the compliment. Give it. Do not expect anything from it. Just give it. Then, find someone else to give it to. You may see that the hope you gave to someone else just may be the hope that you need.

Have a wonderful day. You can make that happen.

Til next time...

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