Friday, February 27, 2009

Speaking at Oak HIll Today

Today, I take a visit to Oak Hill Detention Facility. The topic, domestic violence.

For those who are unaware, Oak Hill is a detention facility for youth. There are youth at this facility facing charges from all sorts of crimes. Some have been convicted, but are serving time. But, there is something about this facility that truly gets my attention. I am interested in the attitudes of these young people who face life everyday behind bars. Not sure if you remember, my youngest brother has been convicted for multiple felonies and now is serving a 97 year sentence.

It is unimaginable for me. I could not fathom serving a sentence that long behind bars, but for so many young people and people in general, this is reality. How do we connect? What do we say? Are we there to ease their suffering?

Not sure of all those questions and definitely not sure of the answer. I will not be going to necessarily answer those questions either. More importantly, I want to give these young people an opportunity to see that there is time and opportunity for change. I was afforded an opportunity to turn my life around that is the same attitude I would like to influence the young people to take.

Well, I will keep you up to date on the youth I engaged. I will be joining Michelle, who will be speaking about the death of her daughter as well as loosing members of her family to the violent tragic fire in northeast Washington, D.C. It was the worst fire on record in many years. Kenny Barnes, who lost his son to gunfire will also headline this event. Kenny is founder and CEO of ROOT, Inc., an organization engaged in the community working to stem gun violence.

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