Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

My friends,

I must be very honest about the influence Michael Jackson had on my life and my art.  Growing up, I listened and danced to MJ's songs and videos anytime I heard it.  My mother would encourage me to get in front of all the family and perform.  Before then, I did not have any idea that I could sing.  At least I cannot remember.  Michael will be forever missed by me and countless friends I know.  Many may believe that his legacy is mixed, but Michael was only convicted of being a true humanitarian.  It is unfortunate that he had to travel down such a hurtful and difficult road, but he made it through to receive such a fitting tribute today by his family, friends and fans.

I was quite mixed during his trial and previous allegations of child molestation, but who am I to judge?  I thought long and hard about it and I settled on the fact that Michael was never convicted of these allegations and after all, who would want to subject themselves to an embarrassing trial?  I respect Michael and his contribution to this world truly deserves more than what we gave him.  We all live in glass houses and when we least expect it, we are constantly put on trial ourselves.  What do we expect from others when that happens?  A little mercy and understanding goes a long way.

My prayers go out to his children, family and countless people who knew and loved him.  I wish only the best for Michael's soul as it travels to endless places such as that great place we all can only contemplate -- a heaven.  

R.I.P. Michael.  Many blessings.  Thank you for your contribution.

Til next time...

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