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U.S. Massacres Concerns Violence Survivors

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April 4, 2009

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The William Kellibrew Foundation and ROOT Inc. (Reaching Out to Others Together), on behalf of all victims of crime nation-wide, would like to send condolences to the people of Binghamton, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The gruesome killing of thirteen innocent victims and critical wounding of four others in this New York center where immigrants were taking their U.S. citizenship examinations is incomprehensible. The brutal murder of immigrants beholden to the idea of living the American dream and actively participating to the fullest in that journey makes plain the notion that no one is immune to violence. The fatal shootings of three Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police officers in the line of duty on a domestic violence call is tragic.

William Kellibrew IV, National Coordinator for Black Youth Vote for the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation said, “These senseless acts of violence take a toll on our community, but with resolve, we can work to ensure that victims receive adequate attention to get through these tough times.”

Kenneth E. Barnes, Sr., MS, founder and CEO of ROOT Inc, an organization committed to helping communities take a proactive approach to reducing gun violence, stated, "Deplorable assaults on our safety are taking place far too often in America. We must work steadfastly to ensure the eventual cessation of these preventable, unspeakable crimes."

These are immensely challenging atrocities having overwhelming ramifications that resonate through devastated communities. Violence can occur in homes, businesses, civic associations and even religious institutions. In just three weeks, violent episodes amplified by gun usage in Alabama, North Carolina, New York and Pennsylvania have left
34 people dead and the lives of many others traumatically altered forever.

A stronger more steadfast commitment to the prevention of crime through parole regulations, offender rehabilitation and violence prevention education is critical to bringing an end to the senseless violence that plagues all Americans and citizens around the world. We stand in unity and in full support of the people of Binghamton, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but specifically for the family members who lost loved ones in these horrific tragedies.
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